About us

URBANpiste - a British skiing and snowboarding brand with its roots set firmly within the UK snow sports scene.  

Inspired by the URBAN pistes on which we ride here in Britain, whether  that be a dry slope or an indoor snow centre, URBANpiste was created  to represent  the established and emerging  snow sports  community within Britain.  It’s about time we have a British skiing and snowboarding brand that truly reflects the unique and diverse winter sports scene that we have here in Britain.

But don’t feel restricted to wearing the clothing just here in Britain, all the garments are designed to withstand the rainy days on the dry slope, bluebird days on the mountains or getting first lifts on a powder day!  We are a brand that is #localandglobal

All the garments are designed and printed in Britain.

Lauren Davies founder of URBANpiste

Based in the North of England, URBANpiste is led by myself (Lauren Davies), a graduate in fashion design from Manchester School of Art.  I started skiing at the age of 6 and was hooked from then . I have just got back from 2 amazing winters in the French Alps but my love for winter sports was firmly established during my time at university and being part of the snow sports society . I had some sick days at the dry slopes and competed at the local indoor centre . This is where I came up with the idea of URBANpiste! a brand to reflect my own style but as well as the British snow sports scene.